Conversa que Rende – Energia 97.7 FM – 26/11/2020

Day Trader School

Join Marco Prado (Kim) and the Day Trade School team for an engaging market discussion on the “Conversa que Rende” series, broadcasted on Energia 97.7 FM. Marco Prado (Kim) takes center stage as our hosts delve into captivating topics, including the stock market’s recent surge to 110,000 points and its intriguing dynamics. Discover how vaccine-related news shapes market trends and explore the logistical intricacies of distribution. Additionally, gain insights into Brazil’s employment evolution through the CAGED economic indicator. This lively conversation features humor, casual social media references, and expert insights from Marco Prado (Kim). For a deeper exploration of these subjects, watch the complete video on the Day Trade School YouTube channel.


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